Quality Control & Reliability

Quality is achieved in our product by way of number of quality checks incorporated at every stage of production, & maintaining high standards of workmanship. Final testing is carried out according to the relevant IEEE Standards & each system is tested rigorously so as to check for the Reliability & the Quality Standards set & that all the technical specifications defined are met to the fullest.

Each system is kept on heat-run for a period of 16 hrs. Before it is dispatched. Test & Measuring Instruments with High Accuracy & Resolution, necessary to maintain the achieved Quality Standards are available & are periodically calibrated for accurate results.
All the incoming material (Electronic Components, Switchgears, Meters, etc.) is inspected with help of factory developed jigs so that their suitability for specific application is confirmed. All the PCB's & control cards are subjected to Heat-Run to ensure reliable field operation.
The UPS system are completely tested and certified at ETDC Pune, ERTL Mumbai and CPRI Bangalore.

Quality & Reliability are given utmost importance & has become a way of life in our Organization, at all levels of Management. (Right from workers to the Top management).

Due to this quality procedure the company has recently achieved the ISO 9001:2000 certification.